Forensic Assessment

for Alberta residents

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Pre-Sentence Reports for sexual offences...

I offer pre-sentence risk assessment for individuals charged/convicted with sexual offences in Alberta. Assessments are completed virtually. Clients must have high-speed internet, a webcam, and the Zoom videoconferencing app. Please note that my assessment/therapy services are available to Alberta residents only. At the outset of the assessment, the nature and purpose of the assessment and the limits to your confidentiality will be discussed. Written consent is required for the release of all documentation.
Forensic assessments typically require 2 to 3 clinical interviews (each 2 hours), sometimes more depending on the situation. An additional 8 to 10 hours is generally needed for file review, risk analysis, and report writing. On average, these reports require 15-20 hours to produce.

My fee for forensic assessment is $330/hour, as per the Psychologists' Association of Alberta recommended fee guidelines. Payment is collected via an automated payment system—typically through an initial invoice at the time of booking and a final invoice upon completion of the report. Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged $100.