Online Group Therapy (MTCBT)

Myself and several colleagues offer group-based 'Mindful Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy' (MTCBT) for individuals suffering from a range of emotional problems, including: depression; adjustment disorders; social phobia; chronic worry; panic attacks; agoraphobia; obsessions-compulsions; trauma; stress; and somatic symptom disorders. The MTCBT program is grounded in clinical research. The program is unique in that it targets both cognitive and behavioural processes that cut across various mental health problems. By focusing on these underlying transdiagnostic patterns, instead of syndrome-specific symptoms, our MTCBT approach benefits individuals with co-occurring syndromes (depression and trauma, for example) and generalizes well to novel stressors. Members learn to recognize and shift unhealthy behavioural patterns, while celebrating and bolstering areas of strength and resiliency. As the program progresses, members are taught to catch and challenge unhelpful thoughts patterns and deeply-rooted core beliefs. Mindfulness is woven into the MTCBT program to complement cognitive-behavioural strategies. Through mindfulness, members practice curious, non-judgmental observation. Members gain greater self-awareness through enhanced distress tolerance and non-reactivity. The groups are both psycho-educational and experiential in nature. Members complete assignments and share personal insights with the group. The group environment is interactive and supportive. Members learn from one another and problem-solve together.

Fees: $75 per session (12-sessions total)

Due to Covid-19, in-person groups have been suspended. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in an online group.